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Fact SheetHow a cow works

How a cow works

Physical Process

What are we learning? 

  • Where milk comes from
  • How grass is turned into milk
  • How a cow digests grass through its four stomachs


Additional Materials Added

Is there more than one way to make poo?

Teacher's Guide

Is there more than one way to make poo?

The Ruminant Digestive System

Fact Sheet

The Ruminant Digestive System

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Try this with
  • Students who have an interest in observing and recording processes
  • Students who love explaining to others how things work
Learning Areas
  • Maths and Statistics
  • Science
  • A Journey of 4 Stomachs
  • Adapt
  • Conclude
  • Theorise
  • Produce
  • Importance
  • Prove