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Fact SheetEconomic Change: Imports and exports

Economic Change: Imports and exports

This Scenario Card forms part of the resource set of 5 cards that accompany the Lesson Identifying Solutions: Scenario Planning in the dairy industry.

If you're wanting to introduce your students to the concept of future problem solving then this CREST lesson may be the perfect starter.  The lesson starts with a scenario that references how farmers were effected during the Canterbury earthquake.  Students analysis, issue tracking, effect identification and discussion is modelled using this scenario.

Once students are comfortable with the future problem solving model of working they are given one of 5 scenario cards.

What are we learning?
  • Making connections to predict, infer and forecast
  • Creative problem solving
  • How economic, social and environmental changes impact New Zealand's dairy industry
  • To create and deliver a compelling presentation
  • Creative problem solving
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Try this with
  • Years 5 - 8
  • Students who have an interest in problem solving
  • Students who like to present their learning digitally
Learning Areas
  • English
  • Social Sciences
  • Technology
  • The Business of Milk
  • A Sustainability Project
  • Remember
  • Retell
  • Classify
  • Organsie
  • Compose
  • Invent